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STATS: Essential Games: 12/84 15% | Games worth playing: 13/84 15% | Games you should skip: 59/84 70%

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Episode Game Verdict
001 10-Yard Fight Skip it
002 Baseball Skip it
003 Clu Clu Land Skip it
004 Duck Hunt Essential
005 Excitebike Play it
006 Golf Play it
007 Gyromite Skip it
008 Hogan's Alley Skip it
009 Ice Climber Skip it
010 Kung Fu* Skip it
011 Pinball Play it
012 Soccer Skip it
013 Stack-Up Skip it
014 Super Mario Bros. Essential
015 Tennis Skip it
016 Wild Gunman Skip it
017 Wrecking Crew Play it
Special 1 Best of 1985 Listen to it
018 Donkey Kong Play it
019 Donkey Kong Jr. Play it
020 Donkey Kong 3 Skip it
021 Donkey Kong Jr. Math Skip it
022 Mario Bros. Play it
023 Popeye Skip it
024 Balloon Fight Essential
025 Gumshoe Skip it
026 Mach Rider Essential
027 Urban Champion Skip it
028 Tag Team Wrestling Skip it
029 Chubby Cherub Skip it
030 M.U.S.C.L.E Skip it
031 Ninja Kid Play it
032 1942 Skip it
033 Commando Skip it
034 Ghosts 'n Goblins Play it
035 Gradius Essential
036 Karate Champ Skip it
Special 2 Best of 1986 Listen to it
037 Trojan Play it
038 Pro Wrestling Skip it
039 Slalom Essential
040 Volleyball Skip it
041 Rush'n Attack Skip it
042 Track & Field Skip it
043 BurgerTime Skip it
044 Castlevania Essential
045 Ikari Warriors Skip it
046 Athletic World Skip it
047 BreakThru Skip it
048 Kid Icarus Essential
049 Mighty Bomb Jack Skip it
050 Rygar Play it
051 Section Z Skip it
052 Solomon's Key Play it
053 Arkanoid Skip it
054 Athena Skip it
055 Elevator Action Skip it
056 The Legend of Kage Skip it
057 Metroid Essential
058 The Legend of Zelda Essential
059 The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner Skip it
060 Deadly Towers Skip it
061 Double Dribble Skip it
062 Lode Runner Skip it
063 Raid on Bungeling Bay Play it
064 Ring King Skip it
065 Sky Kid Skip it
066 Spelunker Skip it
067 Spy Hunter Skip it
068 Sqoon Skip it
069 Stadium Events Skip it
070 Star Voyager Skip it
071 Stinger Essential
072 Tiger Heli Skip it
073 Winter Games Skip it
074 Alpha Mission Skip it
075 Lunar Pool Skip it
076 Mike Tyson's Punch Out Essential
077 Rad Racer Skip it
078 Zanac Skip it
079 The Goonies II Skip it
080 Gotcha! The Sport Skip it
081 Jaws Skip it
083 Kid Niki: Radical Ninja Skip it
082 The Karate Kid Skip it
084 Star Force Skip it