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Ever wondered which NES games are still worth playing today? Our team has put together an in-progress list of every NES game we think is still worth your time today. Please refer to our list below to experience the best of the NES. Please note this list is sorted by release date and games released on the same day are sorted alphabetically.

Episode Game Voted in favor
004 Duck Hunt Joe, Sam, Sean, and Mike
014 Super Mario Bros. Joe, Sam, Sean, and Mike
024 Balloon Fight Sam, Sean, Mike
026 Mach Rider Sam and Mike
035 Gradius Joe, Sean, Mike
038 Slalom Joe and Sam
044 Castlevania Joe, Sam, Sean, and Mike
048 Kid Icarus Joe and Mike
057 Metroid Joe, Sam, and Sean
058 The Legend of Zelda Joe, Sam, Sean, and Mike